Lighting Designer,  Certified EOS Programmer, Educator

‚ÄčClayton got his start in the theatre through lighting. He found a passion that went on to drive him through school into the professional world. He has his bachelors in Technical Theatre and Design from Cal Poly Pomona and is currently pursuing his Masters of Fine Arts at Cal State Fullerton. 

Clayton works on projects all over the industry. He is a Technical Supervisor and Lighting Mentor in Residence with The Southern California Shakespeare Festival, an Artist in Residence and Lighting Supervisor at The School Of Arts and Enterprise, as well as the resident Designer and Programmer for Ghostlight Entertainment Design and Construction. 

In his free time, Clayton passes on his knowledge to the up and coming generation. He strives to keep the art of lighting design alive and in the public eye. 

He is a Certified ETC EOS Family Programmer, with experience in a wide variety of events, from live theater, to broadcast.